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UK Minister Bans Yoga Classes In Church Hall

Posted on 2002/9/2 9:46:02 ( 977 reads )


LONDON, UK, August 27, 2002: An Anglican minister said Tuesday that he has banned yoga classes from his church because he feels the practice is incompatible with Christianity. The Rev. Derek Smith has angered yoga practitioners by barring a weekly yoga class from meeting in the hall of St. Michael's church in Melksham, 100 miles west of London. Smith said that his decision to stop the classes is because of yoga's association with Hinduism. In London a spokesman for Britain's Anglican Church backed the right of clergymen to take a stand against any practices which "do not square with Christian teachings." He said other ministers share the concerns about the spiritual basis of some versions of the exercise regime, since many church halls across the UK accommodate yoga classes. The spokesman added: "Yoga is used as a kind of generic term for exercise and stretching, but there are many different types of yoga. Some have a more spiritual basis as handed down from Eastern religions."

Parallel Hindu Body Created to Build Ayodhya Temple Peacefully

Posted on 2002/9/2 9:45:02 ( 943 reads )


AYODHYA, INDIA, August 30, 2002: A parallel body of Hindu saints on Thursday resolved to work out an amicable solution to the centuries-old Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masj dispute in Ayodhya. Drawn from local congregations and a few other north Indian religious centers, these saints met formally for the first time on Thursday under the banner of the Vishwa Dharam Raksha Parishad. "We want to see a grand temple at the birthplace of Lord Ram, but we do not want the foundations of this temple to be laid on violence and communal disharmony," said Baba Dharam Das, who is the caretaker of Ayodhya's oldest temple, Hanuman Garhi. Brahmaswaroop Brahmachari, a prominent Hindu seer from Haridwar, was critical of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad. "[The] VHP has only exploited sadhus and played with their religious feelings and sentiments," he said. "I find that Hindus and Muslims enjoy utmost cordial relations in Ayodhya, but communal trouble is fomented by people sitting in New Delhi." Another saint from Haridwar, Hans Das, who is also the general secretary of the Akhil Bhartiya Sant Samiti said, "India is not a nation of Hindus alone -- it is a land of Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians who have equal right over this soil."

Monkey Trapped in Hanuman Temple Dies

Posted on 2002/9/1 9:49:02 ( 1038 reads )


HYDERABAD, INDIA, September 1, 2002: An earlier story carried in HPI regarding the monkey staying in the Hanuman Temple here being of good health was erroneous. On Saturday the monkey died of starvation after devotees resisted attempts by a team of veterinarians to shift it out for treatment. The monkey, which had strayed into the sanctum sanctorum of the temple at Thimmannagaripally was found sitting atop the icon of Lord Hanuman on August 1. Since then, a large number of devotees had been thronging the temple to offer garlands and fruits to the monkey and seek its blessings and forgiveness. The monkey stopped eating after a few days and its health deteriorated. Following the court's intervention, two veterinarians conducted a check-up on the monkey on Friday. But the devotees prevented them from moving him to another place for treatment and a day later the monkey died. The temple committee performed the last rites of the monkey on Saturday evening. Thousands of devotees, who considered the monkey an incarnation of Hanuman, attended the funeral.

Swami Protests Indian Government Support for Meat Production

Posted on 2002/9/1 9:48:02 ( 919 reads )

Source: HPI

VIENNA, AUSTRIA, August 21, 2002: Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda, from the International Sri Deep Madhavananda Ashram Fellowship, Vienna, Austria, has voiced his concern to Indian Prime Ministers regarding the Indian government's support of meat production. Swami writes, "It has been brought to our attention by The International Theosophical Order of Service (Sevran, France) that the government of India is currently formulating a policy in support of large scale slaughter of animals and the promotion of meat-eating by Indians, as part of its tenth five-year plan, to boost foreign exchange and encourage economic development." HPI asked Maneka Gandhi, an animal-right activist and former government minister, for her comments. She responded that this was indeed the case. "There is an official plan of the Planning Commission as the Committee for increasing meat export (that) was started at the behest of Shri KC Pant.... The tussle is not between vegetarians and nonvegetarians but between what is good for India or not. Meat export is draining money out of India and each animal killed costs India approximately US$1,224. No meat exporter pays any taxes in India as they have dummy companies abroad that register losses which are transferred to India. Most of them are in court for not paying water or electricity bills. However this policy of increasing exports has been government policy for the last 4 years as you will see from the APEDA (The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority) corporation itself. One attempt by me to stop the illegal cutting of meat in government owned slaughterhouses -- as this is strictly forbidden by municipal law -- was notified by APEDA on July 15, 1999. This would have immediately stopped 70% of the meat from being exported. However the notification, after it came out, was withdrawn by the Ministry on the same day at the orders of the Prime Minister's office."

Colorado Classroom Yoga Questioned

Posted on 2002/9/1 9:47:02 ( 1154 reads )

Source: Yahoo.com

ASPEN, COLORADO, August 28, 2002: Plans for a classroom yoga program were put on hold so administrators and parents could decide whether it would bring religion into the school. Some families at Aspen Elementary said the chanting that often accompanies yoga techniques might challenge the constitutional separation of church and state. The program, called Yoga Ed, would use breathing and stretching to help children adjust to the return of classes and to calm rowdy students after recess. School officials plan a meeting to address the parents concerns. "If there is significant number of parents, after gathering information, that are still concerned about it, we don't necessarily have to go forward with it," Principal Barb Pitchford said.

Sanatan Society Encourages a Spiritual Celebration of Ganesha Chaturthi

Posted on 2002/9/1 9:46:02 ( 984 reads )


September 1, 2002: As Ganesha Chaturthi approaches, devotees are encouraged to check out the web site created by the Sanatan Society. A comprehensive "Campaign for awareness of spiritually correct way of celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi" details nine points including the history of Ganesh Chaturthi, the science behind the rituals, interesting facts about Lord Ganesh, and the science behind sculpting murthis. Inspiring pilgrims to worship with intense devotion and faith, the Sanatan Society discourages the often current practices where the festival surrounding Ganesha Chaturthi has turned into a massive social event and an advertising event for some businesses. Loud non-religious music may be played while adults and children ignore the celebration and turn to socializing. In 1894, Lokmanya Tilak started the public celebration of Lord Ganesh by placing an icon of the Lord in Vinchurkar Wada, Maharashtra. A revival in the population was started and the festival took on a highly spiritual significance for many years.

Planned 9/11 Interfaith Observances Prompt Tensions

Posted on 2002/8/29 9:49:02 ( 1007 reads )

Source: Religion News Service

USA, August 29, 2002: As diverse communities across America prepare to solemnly remember the day last year when thousands died and millions cried out to God, yearnings abound to see believers of all types mark the occasion by praying together. The Council on American-Islamic Relations, for instance, in July called on "all faith communities to participate in the national observance by opening houses of worship on September 11, 2002, for interfaith visits, prayers ... to foster national unity and religious tolerance." Yet while some faith communities adapt easily to interfaith worship, the more theologically conservative ones are feeling torn by an intense dilemma. As Americans, they aspire to demonstrate their country's tolerance of differences. But as believers, they feel compelled to be clear that all paths do not in fact lead to the same God. When that subtle, dual message feels obscured by a public event that mixes prayer and politics, interfaith worship can cause a crisis of integrity. Nowhere has that strain played out more painfully in the past year than for the 2.6 million-member Missouri Synod. After taking part in a highly acclaimed interfaith service at Yankee Stadium on Sept. 23 last year, the Rev. David Benke was suspended indefinitely from his job as president of the church's 45,000-member Atlantic District. A church investigation had found him guilty of "syncretism" and "unionism" because "The signal (sent by his presence there) was: While there may be differences as to how people worship or pray, in the end, all religions pray to the same God." "Joining in prayer with pagan clerics in Yankee Stadium was an offense both to God and to all Christians," said the June 25 report by the Rev. Wallace Schulz. "What's the purpose of an interfaith service?" asked one Baptist minister. "It's to show everybody that we can all get along. But not until everything and everyone is brought together under Jesus Christ, until everyone bows the knee to Christ, will there be a peaceful world. (In the meantime), to use worship as a means of promoting something else is wrong."

VHP Reconversion Drive in West Bengal District

Posted on 2002/8/29 9:48:02 ( 1183 reads )

Source: Hindustan Times

WEST BENGAL, INDIA, August 22, 2002: The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) on Thursday brought back to Hinduism one Muslim and six Christian families at a paribartan ("transformation") ceremony in the West Bengal's Malda district. The ceremony, which took place in Bharat Sevashram Sangh's ashram at Tajpur, kicks off a reconversion program planned by the VHP in the adivasi (tribal) belt of the district, claimed senior VHP leaders. The families all filed affidavits before a local Malda court last week swearing that they were converting to Hinduism of their own free will. VHP spokesman Ajoy Kumar Nandi said, "We'll be intensifying our paribartan program to bring back people who were lured into Christianity and Islam." The reconverted families confirmed Nandi's charges. "We were lured into Christianity by offers of food, medicines, education, money and building materials. But the promises did not materialize. We then realized it was wrong to have embraced Christianity, and so we are coming back to our religion,"said Raja Hansda of Srirampur village.

Court Orders Release of Monkey

Posted on 2002/8/29 9:47:02 ( 989 reads )


HYDERABAD, INDIA, August 29, 2002: A court in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh has ordered the state authorities to help free a monkey that has been confined inside a temple for the last month. The monkey has been kept within the temple's inner-most chambers in the belief that it is the reincarnation of a much loved Hindu Monkey God - Hanuman. The court issued the orders in response to a petition filed by an animal rights group, Karuna, based in Anantapur. The court directed the Anantapur district superintendent of police to send a team of veterinary doctors to examine the condition of the monkey and treat it as necessary. On its part, the well-cared-for monkey appears to show no inclination to leave the temple.

Saudi's Censorship Mostly Leaves Hinduism Out

Posted on 2002/8/29 9:46:02 ( 958 reads )


USA, August 29, 2002: The Saudi government is censoring public Internet access to a degree that goes significantly but haphazardly beyond its stated central goal of blocking sexually explicit content that violates the values of Islam, according to a recent study by Harvard Law School researchers. The study's detailed list of blocked sites offers a glimpse into the areas that the Saudi government has deemed most troubling. Among them are sites related to pornography, women's rights, gays and lesbians, non-Islamic religions and criticism of political restrictions. Many humor and entertainment sites have also been blocked. HPI found only 12 "Hindu" sites listed ("source" above) among those blocked, but the logic for inclusion was not clear as most did not even appear to mention Islam.

250 Youth Converted to Christianity in Tamil Nadu

Posted on 2002/8/28 9:49:02 ( 1063 reads )


MADURAI, INDIA, August 25, 2002: Some 250 Scheduled Caste (the dalits or "untouchables," who number 160 million in India) youths from the southern districts of Tamil Nadu were converted into Christianity at a function here on Saturday night, Seventh Day Adventist Church sources said. The Church had shot into the limelight in 2001 when it converted more than 1,500 dalit Hindus into Christianity. The sources said that the SC youths, in the age group of 20, were converted during the Thirumarai Peruvizha (conference) held at their school. The youths from Dindigul, Ammapatti, Sankarankovil, Tirunelveli, Manamadurai and Sivaganga agreed to convert after the pastors convinced them about the benefits they would have if they embraced Christianity. The baptism was held as the final event of the south Tamil conference. According to some converts, they were brought here with promises of economic emancipation. The website of the Church claims that more than 10,000 people had recently been converted in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

Narayana Guru Jayanthi Celebrated

Posted on 2002/8/28 9:48:02 ( 907 reads )


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, INDIA, August 23, 2002: Sree Narayana Guru Jayanthi (birthday) was celebrated all over Kerala with religious prayer meetings and communal harmony congregations. Hundreds of people from various parts of the state took part in the all-religious meeting at the Shivagiri math, founded by the Guru at Varkela and Guru's birth-place Gurukulam at Chembashanthi near here. Special pujas, cultural meetings and annadhanam (feedings) were also held at Aruvikara temple and other temples set up by the Guru. Sree Narayana Guru, social reformer of the state, coined the famous phrase, "one caste, one religion and one God for mankind." Processions were also held at many places exhorting people to follow the values and teachings of Narayana Guru.

Astronomy and Mathematics in Ancient India

Posted on 2002/8/28 9:47:02 ( 947 reads )


AUSTIN, TEXAS, August, 24, 2002: Hindu creation theory, astronomical time spans, binary system of number representation, modern languages, the invention of zero and algorithms are but some of the scholarly subjects detailing Hindu scientific accomplishments on this University of Texas website. One small example: "Astronomical time spans: Apart from the peoples of the Mayan civilization, the ancient Hindus appear to be the only people who even thought beyond a few thousand years. In the famed book Cosmos, physicist-astronomer-teacher Carl Sagan writes "The dates on Mayan inscriptions also range deep into the past and occasionally far into the future. One inscription refers to a time more than a million years ago and another perhaps refers to events of 400 million years ago ... the time scales are prodigious." Hindu scriptures refer to time scales that vary from ordinary Earth day and night to the day and night of the Brahma that are a few billion earth years long. Sagan continues, "A millennium before Europeans were willing to divest themselves of the Biblical idea that the world was a few thousand years old, the Mayans were thinking of millions and the Hindus billions."

Sri Sarada Nuns to Visit Puerto Rico

Posted on 2002/8/28 9:46:02 ( 923 reads )


PUERTO RICO, August 28, 2002: Pravrayilka Satchiprana and Pravrayika Prabuddhaprana, the two nuns from Order of Sri Sarada Math, Kolkata, India are travelling in the United States, visiting Vedanta societies and Sarada maths (nunneries) for the last two months. They both will be visiting the Vedanta Society of Puerto Rico on August 29 and will be staying here till September 2. They will be giving lectures on Karmayoga on August 30 evening.There will be a special puja for janmastami the next day, and a retreat from August 31 to September 2. For more information, contact "source" above

Didi Ma Ritambara Visits New Jersey Temple

Posted on 2002/8/28 9:45:02 ( 1160 reads )


KENDALL PARK, NEW JERSEY, August 24, 2002: Poojaneeya Sadhwi Ritambara addressed a gathering of about five hundred Hindus at Durga Mandir, Kendall Park, New Jersey on August 24. A report forwarded by one of her devotees ("source" above) states that Ritambara gave investment tips to the audience. She advised Hindus to invest in the most undervalued stock -- children in America. She also advised the audience to invest in "the most neglected but highly undervalued stock, the Hindu children of Bharath." Ritambara promoted such programs as the Vatsalya Gram Project, Ekal Vidyaalay Foundation and Adopt-a Child program under India Development Relief Fund, saying, "Earnings on these investments were immense with no possibility of capital risk." While she was happy to see the mushrooming of Hindu temples in America, Ritambara appealed to Hindus to "shun divisive mentality, which could lead to temples studded with gold tops but no devotees to visit few years from now, because it fails to make Hindu children proud of their heritage and culture and keep them united."

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