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Farming Has Changed in Mysore

Posted on 2002/6/4 9:46:02 ( 1128 reads )

Source: The Hindu

MYSORE, INDIA, May 18, 2002: Farming in Mysore has changed in the last 30 years. Favoring the use of chemical fertilizers, monoculture farming and hybrid varieties, the younger generation has lost sight of many of the benefits of traditional farming. As a result, many varieties of crops have either become extinct or they have changed in their characteristics. For example, the President of the Raitha Hithavakshana Horata Samiti says, "A case in point is ragi. Earlier, it was used as food, and the ragi straw was used as fodder for cattle. It had a distinct flavor and was popular. Today ragi continues to be used as a staple diet among the farmers in southern Karnataka. But the ragi stalk is no longer used as a fodder as it is inedible and unfit for consumption." Similarly, a variety of rice used to make idli, (a steamed rice and dal cake) called "attalli batta" is now extinct. When farmers used to plant ten different varieties of crop as opposed to one, the risk of disease was less. Soil quality has been reduced by chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Younger farmers have lost touch with the traditional methods that maintained genetic diversity and have yielded to market demands.

US Secretary of State on India-Pakistan Tension

Posted on 2002/6/1 9:49:02 ( 1052 reads )


WASHINGTON, D.C., May 30, 2002: Colin Powell, the US Secretary of State, was interviewed on the Public Broadcasting System on the subject on India and Pakistan. An excerpt of this very informative statement of US position: "Moderator Jim Lehrer asks, 'How close are India and Pakistan to a war?' Powell replies, 'I am afraid that it is a very tense situation. I can't tell you how close to a war they might be. What we're trying to do is make sure they never reach that point. We are pressing President Musharraf very hard to cease all infiltration activities on the part of terrorist organizations across the line of control, and we are asking the Indians to show restraint until we can determine whether or not that infiltration activity has ceased.' "


New Government Regulations Threaten Ayurveda Industry

Posted on 2002/6/1 9:48:02 ( 1207 reads )

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What Were the Ten Most Important Events in Hinduism and Yoga in the Last Fifteen Years?

Posted on 2002/6/1 9:47:02 ( 1031 reads )


June 1, 2002: Researcher Stuart Sovatsky requests HPI readers to e-mail him at "source" with their list of the ten most important events related to Yoga or Hinduism in the US over the past 10-15 years. They are for his article on Hinduism in the US which will appear in the Columbia University Desk Reference on Eastern Religions.

Correction on Schedule of Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Swami's Canada Visit

Posted on 2002/6/1 9:46:02 ( 1116 reads )


June 1, 2002: On Saturday and Sunday, June 8 and 9, 2002, Sri Swamiji will visit Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada--not Toronto, as previously reported in HPI of May 30. Swamiji will be at the Yoga in Daily Life Center, 2245 West Broadway, Vancouver, 604-608-8734. Reservations required.

Two More People Killed in India

Posted on 2002/5/31 9:49:02 ( 1041 reads )


AHMADABAD, INDIA, May 30, 2002: A Muslim bus driver was dragged out of his bus and burned alive, and a Hindu man was killed in a bomb blast, police said Thursday, as violence resumed in western India, where nearly 1,000 people have died in three months of Hindu-Muslim clashes. Both men were killed Wednesday night in Kadi, about 30 miles south of Ahmadabad, the commercial capital of western Gujarat state. The renewed violence comes a day after four bombs exploded in Ahmadabad, injuring at least 39 people, some of them seriously. The unrest in Gujarat -- the worst religious clashes in India in a decade -- had ebbed in the last two weeks. The violence began Feb. 27, when a Muslim crowd burned a train car, killing 60 Hindus, mostly women and children, and setting off reprisals by Hindu mobs.

Puttige Seer Visits "Tirupati of America"

Posted on 2002/5/31 9:48:02 ( 1309 reads )


MANGALORE, INDIA, May 25, 2002: Sri Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji of Puttige Mutt will participate in the Silver Jubilee Celebration of Sri Venkateshwara Temple in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvani. It is popularly known as "Tirupathi of America" after the famed Venkateshwara temple to Lord Vishnu in Tirupathi, South India. According to a press release from Puttige Mutt, the festival, which began on May 24, will be held under the guidance of Sri Sugunendra Teertha Swamiji. "As in Tirupathi, this temple situated on the top of Penhills is enchanting and is a great center of pilgrimage for Hindus in America. Devotees gather in large numbers to obtain blessings of the Deity," the press release stated. The "Mettilu Utsava" will be held under the guidance of the Vishwa Madhwa Sangha. Ganapathi Havana, Kumbhabhisheka, Durga Havana, Gayatri Havana and Ashtaksharee Yajga are among the rituals to be conducted in connection with the Silver Jubilee celebrations.

Trio Leads Enchanted Evening

Posted on 2002/5/31 9:47:02 ( 1083 reads )


MIAMI, FLORIDA, May 30, 2002: World renowned Yoga master T. K. V. Desikachar and his two students/children, Mekhala and Kausthub, are traveling through the United States from India on a six-concert Vedic chanting tour. On Tuesday, the trio led a crowd of more than 60 in the ancient art of chanting at the Yamaha Concert Hall inside Hale Piano in Coral Gables. ''You cannot recite based on memory,'' Desikachar said. "You have to recite exactly by the fact that you're present here now.'' Kausthub Desikachar said that they had been planning the Vedic Chanting tour since 9/11. ''We've been trying to do something to offer to people and to ourselves,'' he said. The sun and rainbow, which appeared this morning, were the first two things honored during the chants. Attendee Danielle Goodman said she had read one of Desikachar's books, and when she found out he'd be in Miami, she thought it was "pretty extraordinary.'' ''I had to jump at the chance of hearing him and seeing him,'' she said. After demonstrating a chant, Desikachar asked the audience to join in and recite after him. ''That was good,'' he told Mekhala and Kausthub of the chants they led. "Very good.''

Skirmishes Mar Celebration of Buddha's Birthday

Posted on 2002/5/30 9:49:02 ( 918 reads )


GAYA, INDIA, May 27, 2002: Minor skirmishes on Sunday between Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) activists on the one hand and new Buddhists on the other marred the Buddha Purnima or birthday celebrations, the most important event of the Buddhist calendar. According to the Buddhist belief, it was on this day that rarest of the rare coincidences in the life of Buddha took place. Besides being born on the day, Buddha attained enlightenment and final salvation on this very day. Trouble started in the morning when a group of VHP-Bajrang Dal activists took out a procession at Bodh Gaya, the seat of Buddha's enlightenment. Those taking part in the procession also carried a banner proclaiming Buddha as the ninth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. New Buddhists from Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and some other states, who have gathered at Bodh Gaya in a sizeable number, objected to Buddha being portrayed as a Vishnu avatar (incarnation). Alert police officials immediately swung into action and effectively separated the two groups in the confrontation mode. The incident caused tension. Police vigil was further tightened after the incident. By "new Buddhists," this report may refer to recently converted dalits or low-caste Hindus to Buddhism, but the reference is not made clear.

Tamils Continues to Press Army to Vacate Temples

Posted on 2002/5/30 9:48:02 ( 298 reads )

Source: TamilNet

SRI LANKA, May 26, 2002: The Federation of Hindu Temples in Batticaloa and Amparai said Sunday that the Sri Lankan security forces in the region continue to encompass more than 15 places of worship in the two districts within the defense perimeters of their camps. The trustee boards of fourteen Hindu temples in Batticaloa and Amparai complained to the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) Saturday that their precincts and environs are still occupied by Sri Lankan security forces. "We have been complaining to the authorities about this for a long time. But to this day we have had no indication that the army and Police intend to leave our temples," said Mr. Pakkiyaselvam Ariyaneththiran, the spokesman for the Federation. For many years during the long civil war Sri Lankan forces have occupied Hindu temples.

Scotland Goes Atheist

Posted on 2002/5/30 9:47:02 ( 1070 reads )


UNITED KINGDOM, May 30, 2001: Scotland is losing its religion, according to research published in the Church of England Newspaper. The paper says that 30 years ago almost everyone claimed a religious identity, but now over one-third have no religious affiliations. In 1972, 43% of Scots said they rarely or never attended church. The paper states, "This figure has risen to over 60% today. Even of those who claim to belong to the Kirk (The Presbyterian Church of Scotland), half go less than once a year, and 12% claim to regularly attend." The findings derive from the questioning of 1,600 people last year about their faith as part of the annual Scottish Social Attitudes survey. Belief in God has also slipped significantly. In 1957, 41% of people in Britain believed in a personal God, but in Scotland in 2001 only a quarter would now agree. The percentages reveal one the UK's (and Europe's) stark differences with America. In the USA, more than 90% of people profess a belief in God.

Muslims Refuse to Meet with VHP Leaders in Gujarat

Posted on 2002/5/30 9:46:02 ( 1054 reads )


GANDHINAGAR, INDIA, May 27, 2002: The National Commission for Minorities (NCM) efforts to broker a peace deal between Hindus and Muslims in Gujarat have run into rough weather, according to this report in the Hindustan Times, with the minorities' delegation refusing to hold talks with VHP and Bajrang Dal representatives. A meeting between representatives of the two communities was scheduled here for Monday. An NCM delegation, led by deputy chairman Tarlochan Singh, was also scheduled to attend the meeting, but following objections by Muslim leaders the NCM's visit to Gujarat was called off. The NCM claims it had made some progress during two earlier visits by making Chief Minister Narendra Modi agree to rebuild damaged shrines, file fresh police reports and reconsider claims about missing people. It had also claimed success in bringing together leaders of the two communities so they could discuss and sort out their differences. But this time, the NCM's efforts were fruitless. Muslim representatives said they did not wish to meet VHP and Bajrang Dal leaders since they believed the VHP and Bajrang Dal were the instigators of the violence in the state. They said they had agreed to meet the Hindu religious leaders, but that people like VHP leader Pravin Togadiya (who was to have been part of the delegation) were political leaders. Tarlochan Singh said the VHP and Bajrang Dal were invited to the meeting because they had been accused of being involved in the riots. There was no question, he said, of legitimizing them as representatives of the Hindu community.

Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda Visits North America

Posted on 2002/5/30 9:45:02 ( 1165 reads )


ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA, USA, May 30, 2002, In May, 2002, one of the world's most loved and respected spiritual Masters, Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda (Swamiji) will visit North America with the message that "World Peace is in Your Hands." Sri Swamiji kicks off his North American tour with a seminar and retreat in Alexandria, VA, on May 30-June 2. (Contact alexandria@yogaindailylife for more details.) He will give a public talk and meditation workshop on June 4 in Atlanta, Georgia, and then head to Toronto, Ontario Canada for a seminar on June 8 and 9.

Salman Rushdie on India and Pakistan in New York Times

Posted on 2002/5/30 9:44:02 ( 1066 reads )


NEW YORK, NEW YORK, May 30, 2001: Author Salman Rushdie offers his analysis and approach to tensions between India and Pakistan in this New York Times editorial, which is, at least in comparison to a lot of editorials on the situation, relatively well-informed on the ground realities. An excerpt, "This time President Musharraf is the one being pressed by the United States to stamp out Kashmiri terrorism. He has been playing a double game, arresting hundreds of members of the groups he once fostered but quietly freeing most of them soon afterward. Caught between two necessities -- placating his major international sponsor and playing to the home audience -- he may well in the end follow his deepest political instincts: to support (overtly or covertly) the Islamist radicals who have terrorized the once idyllic valley of Kashmir for well over a decade."

Editorial Cartoon Outrages Australian Hindus

Posted on 2002/5/29 9:49:02 ( 1143 reads )


SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, May 27, 2002: Hindus in Australia have reacted angrily to the publishing of a cartoon of Lord Ganesha in the Financial Express. The cartoon shows a caricature of Lord Ganesha with four arms standing on a map of India. One hand juggles an atomic bomb, another sticks of dynamite, a third a chicken and the fourth gestures obscenely in the direction of Pakistan. The editors of the publication apparently believe that India is the instigator of the current tensions between the two countries, which are in fact a result of an attack by terrorists upon an army camp which resulted in the deaths of thirty people, mostly women and children, families of the soldiers. India blames Pakistan for the attack. The Hindu Council of Australia wrote the following letter to the Financial Times: "On behalf of the Hindu community in Australia, we wish to express our outrage at the cartoon depicting Lord Ganesha in the Australian Financial Review on May 27, 2002. Whenever there is the likelihood of war between India and Pakistan or even when India launches a missile test, the Fairfax Press manages in these ludicrous caricatures of a Hindu God who is worshipped and adored by millions of Hindus all over the world. What, may we ask, is the relevance of this cartoon to the current situation on the sub-continent? Since Pakistan is Muslim, are you insinuating that India is provoking this war? I would like to remind you that India is a secular state without any state religion, mentioned in its constitution. How can you depict Lord Ganesha who symbolizes everything that is good and sacred as someone who throws around bombs and sticks of gelignite? As mentioned earlier, this is not the first time that the Fairfax Press has been responsible for insulting the Hindu religion and its symbols. We have complained every time but it seems our complaints have fallen on deaf ears. Since your cartoonists would benefit from a brief explanation of the symbolism of Lord Ganesha, we are attaching the same to this letter. Please inform him not to confuse India with Hinduism. Dr A. Balasubramaniam, Chairman." To contact the Hindu Council or view the cartoon, click "source" above. Letters may be sent to the Financial Times at edletters@afr.com.au.

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