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Sanskrit in the Digital Era

Posted on 2017/5/8 19:49:14 ( 940 reads )


INDIA, April 29, 2017 (The Hindu): In early March, the Madras Sanskrit College (MSC) unveiled a digital campus to expand the reach of Sanskrit through online courses, live books and live podcasts. "Students can register any time for the online courses, but they start only in certain batches, every two weeks. The fourth batch started on April 29, and the fifth will start on May 13," says Ramesh Mahalingam, trustee of the college's parent body, and great grandson of V. Krishnaswami Iyer, college founder.

Each batch lasts about four months, offering 30 modules at the beginner's level. The first 10 modules provide a general overview, starting with lessons on the Sanskrit alphabet. Though the physical campus is a Sanskrit-only zone with daily conversations taking place in the language, the digital one has some of the teaching done in English, to ease beginners into the course. In the few weeks since the inception of the course, the four batches that started have already amassed about 590 students globally, from Australia, the Middle-East and the U.S, besides India. "In the first 23 days, we registered about 20 a day. My target for the year is about 3000. We are well on the way to that number," says Ramesh.

Mexico City "Yoga in Your Neighborhood" Schedules May Festival

Posted on 2017/5/8 19:49:04 ( 590 reads )


MEXICO CITY, MEXICO, (gocdmx): Yoga, a Hindu practice to balance body, mind and spirit, is not only for a selected few. With the "Yoga in your Neighborhood" program, Mexico City seeks to bring the activity to various sites throughout the city at no cost. One of the project's founders, Berenice Hernandez, said that the project, which began in 2011, seeks to spread yoga and facilitate access to all people. She explained that this practice was previously considered as an activity for only the wealthy.

Hernandez mentioned that Yoga in your Neighborhood seeks to promote the benefits of Yoga regardless of color, age, sex or social status, through free classes in various public spaces in Mexico City. For six years, the program has changed into a festive setting to included a bazaar with holistic products from small and medium-sized Mexican companies that offer various products and services. Initially, the programs were visited by about 1,500 people per day, a number that has doubled over the years to reach 3,000. The next edition of this festival will be on May 6 and 7 in the Naucalli Park.

Daily Inspiration

Posted on 2017/5/8 19:48:53 ( 558 reads )


The knowing Self is not born; It does not die. It has not sprung from anything; nothing has sprung from It. Birthless, eternal, everlasting and ancient, It is not killed when the body is killed.
-- Yajur Veda, Katha Upanishad, 1.2.18

Thrissur Pooram 2017: History, Timings, Schedules and Festivities

Posted on 2017/5/6 20:27:24 ( 652 reads )


KERALA, INDIA, May 5, 2017 (International Business Times): Thrissur Pooram, the annual Hindu temple festival and also one of the most prominent festivals in Kerala will be celebrated on Friday, May 5, 2017 in accordance with the Malayalam calendar month of the Medam. According to the Malayalam calendar, the Pooram star (part of the Leo constellation) rises with the moon on May 5 and the ancient temples of Kerala celebrates this day grandly.

The name Thrissur originated from "Thiru-Shiva-Perur" meaning "The city of the Sacred Siva". Thrissur Pooram was started in the 18th century by Raja Rama Varma, the ruler of the Kingdom of Cochin. With millions of tourists thronging the temples, Kerala comes alive to the tune of music, drums and an array of brilliantly decorated elephants that are sent to Thrissur from all across Kerala. On the last day, devotees carry out a procession of thirty decorated elephants that are divided into two groups. While the first group carries the statue of Lord Krishna, the other group carries the statue of the Goddess.

More at "source" above.

Did the "Art of Living" Event Destroy the Yamuna, as Alleged?

Posted on 2017/5/6 20:26:16 ( 601 reads )


INDIA, April 30, 2017 (YouTube, press release by Rajiv Malhotra): Please watch this important episode concerning bias against prominent Hindu gurus. I spent many days investigating the legal case filed against Art of Living in which AoL was accused of destroying the Yamuna river (at the World Cultural Event 2016). In this episode, I am interviewing environmental and legal experts who have studied this matter. The mainstream media has once again failed to present a balanced view. It is vital that AoL's side of the story must come out.

55 minute youtube video discussing this matter at "source" above.

Daily Inspiration

Posted on 2017/5/6 20:26:05 ( 477 reads )


He is a man on the path of enlightenment who has arrived at a certain subsuperconscious state and wishes to stay there. Therefore, he automatically has released various interactions with the world, physically and emotionally, and remains poised in a contemplative, monastic lifestyle.
-- Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami (1927-2001), founder of Hinduism Today

Nepal's Rato Machindranath Chariot Festival in Pictures

Posted on 2017/5/5 20:02:47 ( 578 reads )


NEPAL, May 3, 2017 (Baltimore Sun): The legend says that around the 7th century there was a massive drought in the Kathmandu Valley. It was believed that the arrival of the Red Deity would end the drought and bring back the rainfall. Hence then King Narendra Dev along with a priest and farmer travelled to what is now the Assam state in India and brought back Karunamaya, the God of compassion. It is popularly now known as Rato Machindranath.

Super slide show at "source" above.

At the City University There Are Free Yoga Classes to Pass College Exams Without Stress

Posted on 2017/5/5 20:02:37 ( 515 reads )


LISBON, PORTUGAL, May 2, 2017 (NIT translated from Portuguese): The time for college exams can be quite stressful - and the truth is that not everyone knows how to handle it. To help, the Portuguese Yoga Confederation has one suggestion: free yoga classes. The initiative is called "Yoga and Exams Without Stress" and will happen in 23 Portuguese cities. In the City University in Lisbon, classes take place every Tuesday and Saturday in May, and last no more than an hour. The first is scheduled for this Tuesday, May 2, at 6:00 p.m. On Saturdays, it happens at 11 o'clock.

However, even without concrete dates and times, the city of Porto, Santa Maria da feira, Vila do Conde, Povoa de Varzim, Braga, Guimaraes, Vila Nova de Gaia, Aveiro, Agueda, Covilha, Leiria, Caldas da Rainha, Almada, Palmela, Setubal, Barreiro, Sesimbra, Evora, Faro, Tavira, Lagos and Funchal will also count on this initiative. The goal is simple: to help college students manage the stress of exams using some yoga techniques. According to the Portuguese Yoga Confederation, in addition to this modality helping to fight stress and reduce anxiety, it still increases the energy to study, attention and concentration.

Swami Satyananda Gave a Lecture on Meditation at National Technological University Branch in Avellaneda

Posted on 2017/5/5 20:02:26 ( 469 reads )


ARGENTINA, May 2, 2017 (La Ciudad Avellaneda, translated from Spanish): On Friday, April 28, the spiritual teacher of Hindu philosophy, Swami Satyananda, gave the lecture "Meditation: a path to well-being" at the Avellaneda Regional Faculty of the National Technological University. The spiritual master - who approached Hinduism while he was young, moved by the reading of a text that motivated him to follow the path of this philosophy - practiced meditation with those present and remarked on its benefits. "Meditation is superior to thought, it is a process of quieting the mind," he said.

"The deepest part of this process is to achieve an encounter with our essence, which we do not normally recognize because we are in the most peripheral mind. When I recognize what I am, I then recognize it in others," said Swami Satyananda, adding that "meditation is completely stripping all kinds of thoughts about me and the world." "Meditation is transforming us without our realizing it. It generates changes in our lives and in the way we consider ourselves," he added.

Daily Inspiration

Posted on 2017/5/5 20:02:16 ( 495 reads )


Tapas is like a large wildfire, the best you can do is try to control it when it burns. Sometimes it flares up on its own and sometimes the guru causes it.
-- Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami, publisher of Hinduism Today

"Maintenance and Upkeep of Temples, Need of Hour"

Posted on 2017/5/4 19:35:15 ( 541 reads )


TIRUCHIRAPALLI, INDIA, April 29, 2017 (The Hindu): A large number of temples, particularly in rural and semi-urban areas, remain neglected and it is the responsibility of every pious-minded person to ensure their proper upkeep and maintenance. Shortage of manpower is often being cited as the main reason for this neglected condition but the human resources of devotees, if channelized, would resolve the issue, said Velukkudi Krishnan, religious scholar and founder, Kinchitkaram Trust.

In his address as part of the day-long celebrations of 1000th birth anniversary of Sri Ramanujar at Srirangam Sri Ranganathaswamy temple on Saturday, Mr.Velukkudi Krishnan said that he had been visiting a large number of temples in remote and interior villages where he had come to see the poor and neglected condition of the temples built during the ancient era. He explained the services rendered by Sri Ramanujar in evolving various teams of personnel and implementing various administrative, executive, supervisory and religious responsibilities.

Man Who Has Performed Hundreds of Hindu Religious Ceremonies to Be Honored with Lifetime Award

Posted on 2017/5/4 19:35:05 ( 473 reads )


UNITED KINGDOM, May 4, 2017 (Asian Image): A man who lived through the partition and has performed religious ceremonies across the North West for decades will be honored with a lifetime award at the Fusion Awards. Madhusudan Dave, now aged 92 was also involved in anti-British demonstrations as a teenager in Indian. Born in 1924 and originally from Mombasa, Kenya, Mr. Dave came to the UK in 1973 and since then has officiated hundreds of religious rituals in temples in the region.

His earlier life helped to define Mr. Dave who was a college student living in Ahmadabad during the Second World War. On arriving in Blackburn in the seventies, like many first generation Asians, he worked in the local mills. Then, as a brahmin he was asked to perform weddings. As time went on he became the focal point for communities and says he was blessed to be able to perform funeral rites.

Chicago Makes History with First Vegetarian Museum Exhibit

Posted on 2017/5/4 19:34:55 ( 539 reads )


CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, April 30, 2017: Chicago is home to museums centered around art, science, nature, children's interests, various ethnic groups, broadcast communications and even surgical science. It can now add the vegetarian/vegan movement to the list. Chicago resident Kay Stepkin created what is believed to be the first museum of its type in the country and likely in the world. The idea for the National Vegetarian Museum surfaced for her about three years ago after she appeared on a local radio show to discuss the history of the vegetarian movement in Chicago.The appearance went so well that Stepkin was asked to speak to other groups around the city, which forced her to dig deeper into the history to be better prepared. That research prompted the idea of the museum. "I knew if I didn't know about our history, neither did anyone else," she said.

Using a private donation of $90,000, Stepkin, with the help of a museum consultant, created a traveling multi-panel and video exhibit that is currently making month long appearances at various public libraries around the city. The exhibit will remain on the city's South Side at the Avalon library through the middle of May 18 and then reopen later the same day at the West Belmont library branch. Stepkin hopes to find a permanent location for the exhibit by February and come up with a long-term funding plan. She also would like to send traveling versions around the country tailored for individual cities and/or organizations.

More of this interesting history at "source" above

Also, the video A Brief History of Vegetarianism - Presented by the National Vegetarian Museum can be viewed here:

Daily Inspiration

Posted on 2017/5/4 19:34:44 ( 520 reads )


Let there be no neglect of the duties to the Gods and the fathers. Be one to whom the mother is a God. Be one to whom the father is a God. Be one to whom the teacher is a God. Be one to whom the guest is a God.
-- Krishna Yajur Veda, 1.11.1

Iconic Hindu Temple Reopens after $2.3 Million Upgrade

Posted on 2017/5/1 19:36:16 ( 830 reads )


KLANG, MALAYSIA, May 1, 2017 (The Star): After eight years of major upgrading works, the iconic Sri Sundararaja Perumal Temple has reopened its doors to the public. The cost of the renovation was about US$2.3 million. To mark the special occasion, a grand kumbhabishegam (consecration ceremony) was held there. The kumbhabishegam ritual is important for a new Hindu temple and is done every 12 years. In the case of Sri Sundararaja Perumal Temple, it marks its grand opening again.

Thousands of devotees and visitors congregated at the site. The temple's priest led the prayer ceremony which saw a helicopter sprinkling holy water in the air, much to the delight of the boisterous crowd. The temple, which was built in 1890, is said to be the only one in Malaysia made of granite. It is one of the oldest Vaishnavite houses of worship in South-East Asia and also one of the very few temples outside India to have a separate sanctum for Lord Shaniswara.

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