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Daily Inspiration

Posted on 2017/4/5 19:52:52 ( 333 reads )


Realize the truest reality, the real power, that you are; Infinite you are, above all danger and difficulty.
-- Swami Rama Thirtha (1873-1906), Hindu teacher and lecturer

High Court Orders Sealing of Hotels, Ashrams, Factories in Haridwar for Polluting Ganga

Posted on 2017/4/1 17:50:15 ( 749 reads )


HARIDWAR, INDIA, March 30, 2017 (Hindustan Times): The Uttarakhand high court on Thursday told the state pollution control board to seal hotels, ashrams and industrial units in Haridwar for polluting the Ganga by discharging untreated waste into the river. The order, which came two days after a mining ban in the hill state, would hit 700 of the 1,400 hotels in the holy Hindu city visited by thousands of pilgrims everyday, officials said.

"The court has given us three months time to comply with the order. A fresh survey will be conducted to identify the erring establishments," pollution board secretary Vinod Singhal told HT. Hearing a public interest litigation against hotels dirtying the Ganga and hindering the Clean Ganga Mission, the court pulled up the pollution board for not following its order to shut down establishments discharging pollutants into the river.

Most of the hotels and ashrams that face uncertain future are those set up under the Sarai Act, 1867, which didn't require renewal of licence or the pollution board's permission. These establishments are yet to channelize effluents into sewage treatment plants. "We are ready to connect our establishments with sewage line but there is no facility of modern sewerage system in north Haridwar," said OP Jamdagni, a hotelier and district president of Haridwar Vyapar Mandal.

Brazil's Ministry of Health Incorporates Ayurveda, Chiropractic, Yoga and Shantala

Posted on 2017/4/1 17:50:05 ( 555 reads )


BRAZIL, March 17, 2017 (Globo.com): An ordinance of the Ministry of Health, published on Tuesday (March 28) in the Official Gazette of the Union, has included 14 new alternative therapies in the National Policy of Integrative and Complementary Practices (PNPIC). In January, the ministry had announced that these procedures would soon be offered by the Unified Health System (SUS). According to the new ordinance (no. 849 ) now included in the PNPIC are: art therapy, ayurveda, biodance, circular dance, meditation, music therapy, Naturopathy, osteopathy, chiropractic, reflexotherapy, reiki, Ayurvedic massage, integrative community therapy and yoga.

The National Policy on Integrative and Complementary Practices of the Ministry of Health was created in 2006. It instituted alternative medicine approaches into the SUS, such as herbal medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, among others. Each municipality is responsible for offering the services to the population in the Units of Basic Attention. However, not all cities offer all the therapies contained in the PNPIC, since each municipality can opt for practices in which there is demand.

According to the Ministry of Health, since the creation of the National Policy on Integrative and Complementary Practices in 2006, more than five thousand establishments have started offering alternative therapies to the public.

Daily Inspiration

Posted on 2017/4/1 17:49:54 ( 341 reads )


Only two kinds of people can attain self-knowledge: those who are not encumbered at all with learning, that is to say, whose minds are not over-crowded with thoughts borrowed from others; and those who, after studying all the scriptures and sciences, have come to realize that they know nothing.
-- Sri Ramakrishna (1836-1886), famed guru of Swami Vivekananda

Bank of England Backs Palm Oil to Replace Animal Fat in Plastic #20 Note

Posted on 2017/3/31 18:49:33 ( 462 reads )


UNITED KINGDOM, March 30, 2017 (The Telegraph): The Bank of England has backed the use of palm oil in its new #20 note following a backlash from vegans and religious groups over the use of animal fat in the plastic #5 note. The Bank said the world's most commonly used vegetable oil was the "only practical alternative" to tallow, following considerations about cost and availability. It said palm oil offered a "mature supply chain and is available at reasonable cost".

The Bank has started "extensive testing" of palm oil to ensure it meets "technical and operational requirements." The tests are expected to conclude this summer. The Bank has said it will not withdraw the current plastic #5 note, which was introduced last year. The new plastic #10 note this September will also contain tallow as 275m notes have already been printed.

Daily Inspiration

Posted on 2017/3/31 18:49:22 ( 311 reads )


God Siva's all-knowingness is always inside of us. We don't have to do anything for it to be there; that's the important thing. We just have to look in the right place at the right time.
-- Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami, publisher of Hinduism Today

Burglars Decamp with Antique Statue worth $154,000 from Temple

Posted on 2017/3/30 19:53:21 ( 451 reads )


KENDRAPARA,INDIA, March 29, 2017 (Odisha TV): In what has exposed the gaping holes in the temple security system, unidentified burglars broke open the sanctum sanctorum of 300-year-old temple in Pattamundai police station jurisdiction and decamped with antique statues and valuables worth over US$154,000.

The stolen articles include a 88 lb. Astadhatu statue of Lord Krishna besides the brass statues of Lord Hanuman and Goddesses Durga. The stolen Astadhatu statue was of immense antiquity value and assessed at more than $154,000. From preliminary investigations, it seems that it is the handiwork of a smuggling racket. Scientific teams are on the job to elicit vital clues from the spot of the crime.

The theft took place on Tuesday midnight hours at the Dadhibabanjew temple in Choudkulat village. The 300-year-old medieval temple dates back to the Marathas who reigned in these parts. "The temple priest spotted the temple vandalized early morning. He brought it to the notice of the temple management. The miscreants had broken open two iron grills to perpetrate the crime," said Sarat Chandra Mishra, a member of temple management trust.

Cultural Significance of Gudi Padwa: Maharashtra's New Year

Posted on 2017/3/30 19:53:10 ( 411 reads )


INDIA, March 29, 2017 (New Indian Express): Gudi Padwa is a springtime festival that marks the new year for Marati Hindus. It is celebrated in and near Maharashtra on the first day of the Chaitra month to mark the beginning of the New Year according to the lunar/solar Hindu calendar. The festival is observed with colorful floor decorations called rangoli, a special Gudhi flag, street processions, dancing and festive foods.

A colorful slideshow of the celebrations is at 'source" above.

Daily Inspiration

Posted on 2017/3/30 19:52:59 ( 317 reads )


Just as the rays of light share and diffuse the radiance of the sun, so you too share and reflect the golden glories of Indra, the cosmic soul. Let us meditate on the divine presence and for our share, enjoy the ecstasy of bliss vibrating in the world of past and future creations, by virtue of Indra's omnipresent majesty.
-- Rig Veda 8.99.3

Please Be Quiet: Bali's Tourism Shuts down for a Day

Posted on 2017/3/29 20:35:39 ( 430 reads )


BALI, INDONESIA, March 28, 2017 (CNBC): Nyepi, a Hindu celebration primarily celebrated in the Indonesian island of Bali calls for a day of silence on March 28 and is marked as time for self-reflection. The ritual mandates the absence of work, entertainment and travel, which makes for a 24-hour period during which no flights are allowed in or out, electricity use is limited and cars are prohibited on the streets. Even television provider, Indovision ceases broadcasting for the day. Hotel guests on the island are confined to their property and special arrangements have to be made for a limited staff to keep the hotels operating.

Many travel agencies and tour operators discourage bookings this time of year because of the disruption. There's a segment of tourists, however, that actually views the day as a unique part of the culture not to be missed. "It's one of the many elements that actually makes Bali an even more unique tourist spot, which holds special meaning to visitors as well as residents," Dendy Kurniawan, AirAsia Group CEO for Indonesia told CNBC. "It is how culture and religious practice have been preserved through times, whilst blended perfectly with the touch of modern world."

"It's fascinating that an island of 4.5 million people can shut down for 24 hours," Marian Carroll, director of public relations at Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay told CNBC, adding that it should be on every visitor's bucket list. "It takes a huge amount of coordination and discipline. Only the Balinese could pull it off!"

Tirupati Temple Hundi Nets $732,500 Post Demonetisation

Posted on 2017/3/29 20:35:29 ( 579 reads )


TIRUPATI, INDIA, March 28, 2017 (Hindustan Times): In April 2012, on the auspicious Sri Rama Navami day, the hundi had received the biggest single day cash offerings of US$883,600. The offering box at the hill shrine of Lord Venkateswara here on Tuesday netted cash offerings to the tune of $732,500 in new notes, the highest single day collections post demonetisation.

"Since the announcement of demonetisation scheme, everyday the hundi (offering box) had collected between $385,500 and 462,600, besides offerings in gold and silver, from thousands of devotees across the country, who are undeterred by demonetisation," temple sources told PTI.

The collection surprised the temple staff when they emptied the seven-foot-high hundi for counting as a single offering of over $154,000 was found in a bag along with other cash and precious kind offerings, the sources said.

Daily Inspiration

Posted on 2017/3/29 20:35:18 ( 337 reads )


Common men talk bagfuls of religion but do not practice even a grain of it. The wise man speaks a little, even though his whole life is religion expressed in action.
-- Sri Ramakrishna (1836-1886),

National Geographic Documentary to Give Viewers an Inside View of Tirumala Tirupathi Temple

Posted on 2017/3/25 19:59:29 ( 1095 reads )


MUMBAI, INDIA, March 23, 2017 (Television Post): On 27 March at 9 pm, National Geographic will air a documentary "Inside Tirumala Tirupati" to give viewers a 360-degree view of the temple Tirumala Tirupati. The temple, which is an example of Dravidian architecture which dates back to the 7th century, draws around 60,000 to 80,000 devotees a day. The devotees visiting the temple come back with a blissful spiritual experience, they don't manage to get an in-depth view of the temple. This is about to change with the documentary.

The broadcaster said that watching the documentary will make people feel that they are experiencing an actual visit to the temple, and will also reveal incredible new aspects of the temple even for those who have visited it previously. This one-hour special National Geographic documentary will give viewers an in-depth access to the massive scale of operations, the technology used at various stages, the processes and the people who manage the mind-boggling number of devotees visiting this iconic temple.

The documentary will incorporate elaborate graphics that explain the temple layout in detail, re-creating the sacred inner parts of the temple, where not only cameras, but even people are usually not allowed in. Fox Networks Group creative director, India Productions Shruti Takulia said, "Inside Tirumala Tirupati is National Geographic's newest India production that delivers on our promise to bring relevant and impactful stories with a high level of editorial credibility and unprecedented access to our viewers."

Daily Inspiration

Posted on 2017/3/25 19:59:18 ( 484 reads )


Those who cannot live in harmony with the world, though they have learned many things, are still ignorant.
-- Tirukural 140

Government of India Promotes "Pilgrim Trains"

Posted on 2017/3/23 20:10:00 ( 633 reads )


INDIA, March 22, 2017 (Press Information Bureau): Aastha Circuit trains covering various religious places commenced operation on March 17, 2017. They offer all-inclusive tour packages with different itineraries of varying duration, decided by Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd. Tours are announced and booked through IRCTC tourism portal www.irctctourism.com. The first 6 nights/7 days itinerary started from Guwahati on February 17, 2017 covered Kolkata, Puri and Bhubaneswar and the second 10 nights/11 days itinerary, which started from Darbhanga on March 20, 2017, plans to cover Bhubaneswar, Tirupati, Kanyakumari, Trivandrum, Rameshwaram and Madurai, with several boarding/de-boarding points enroute.

The Astha Special Tourist Train "West India - Jyotirlinga Special Tour" includes an 8 night/9 day itinerary for a cost of US$127 in a second class sleeper coach with stops in Dwarka, Mahakaleshwar, Nageshwar, Omkareshwar and Somnath.

The package includes:
Hall accommodation at places of night stay/morning freshening up.
Pure vegetarian meals.
Non AC Tourist buses for visiting sightseeing spots.
Tour escorts for announcements and information.
Security arrangements for each coach.
An IRCTC Official on train as train Superintendent.

For more detailed information and a list of scheduled tours, see:
https://www.irctctourism.com/cgi-bin/d ... nationCity=&packageCity=0

HPI Note: Hinduism Today is planning a story on these train pilgrimages, and if you've been on one, we'd like to hear from you. Contact ar@hindu.org.

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