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Hindu Press International
"Meatless Day" November 25
on 2001/9/14 9:48:02 ( 990 reads )


PUNE, INDIA, August 28, 2001: Sadhu Vaswani Mission announced today its annual "Meatless Day," also called "Meat-Out Day," on November 25. The popular observance falls on the birthday of the Mission's founder, Sadhu Vaswani, a revered saint of the Sindhi community. The present leader of the Mission, J.P. (Dada) Vaswani said, "Buddha asked 25 centuries ago, 'how may we build a new civilization?' And he answered, 'The key is the spirit of maitri, friendliness towards all living things.' And until the spirit of maitri reveals itself in our laws and our dealings with each other and in our treatment of brother birds and animals, our civilization will not find peace, but will continue to wander from unrest to unrest."

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