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14th Century Kashmiri Poetess Celebrated
on 2001/3/1 8:46:02 ( 1183 reads )

Source: Hinduism Today

NEW DELHI, INDIA, March 1, 2001: Dr. Karan Singh, Ms. Eva T. Dafarances, wife of Greece Ambassador and other leading scholars presented an evening on Kashmir mysticism February 11 at the India International Centre, New Delhi, reports Virendra Qazi. The highlight of the evening was the life and times of 14th century mystic poetess of Kashmir, Laleshwari. In the beginning great tributes were paid to late Swami Lakshmanju, the great authority on Kashmir Saivism, who combined profound knowledge with profound experience. Dr. Karan Singh gave an moving recital of a famous poem by Sri Aurobindo.

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