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A Call to Action for Area Sikhs:
on 2001/10/7 22:45:02 ( 860 reads )


YUBA CITY, USA, October 8, 2001: Since the September 11 terrorist attacks, Sikhs across America have been the target of hate crimes by misguided bigots who think Sikhs with turbans and beards are linked to Osama bin Laden. A bad situation has become the catalyst for better understanding, said Dr. Jasbir Kang, a Yuba City physician and founder of the Punjabi American Heritage Society. "This woke us up that we had to get involved," Kang said. "And it woke America up to who we are. What's happened in the last few weeks has created a new activism among Sikhs. We want America to know who we are." For more information on Sikhs, look on the Internet at

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