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A Peacock Dance For Goddess Amman

on 2013/7/29 4:30:00 ( 1999 reads )


DURNTEN, SWITZERLAND, July 20,2013 (Bezirk Hinwil): For more than a week now the fourth annual festival of Sri Vishnuthurkkai-Amman temple in Durnten has been in full swing. As in previous years, several hundred faithful were expected daily. The core of the festival is the homage of the Gods.

The Deity that is the focus of worship may differ in each temple: In Durnten it is the Goddess Amman. Every day elaborate ceremonies are being held - on Sunday morning there'll be a water ritual at the nearby creek.

"The beginning of the festival was timed to coincide with the last day of school in Zurich Canton," says the chief priest T. Sarahanabavananthan. He wants to give as many believers and their families a chance to participate in the festival. Most of them are originally from Sri Lanka. The priest emphasized that guests are welcome at any time. "We want the people in Switzerland to see our culture up close. Therefore, interested parties can stop by if they like."

A particularly good opportunity was offered on Saturday morning. At about 10.30 the main event of the twelve-day festival took place: the procession in honor of Goddess Amman. Here her statue was drawn around the temple on a trolley. Worshipers made offerings, and there was a peacock dance.

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