Abandoned Mosque Demolished

Date 2001/7/31 9:49:02 | Topic: Hindu Press International

Source: The Hindu

JAIPUR, INDIA, July 30, 2001: A decrepit mosque built by a battalion of the Moghul army in the 16th century near Asind town in Bhilwara district of south Rajasthan was demolished by a mob and a temple built in its place on July 27, sending shock waves across the state and leading to tension between Hindus and Muslims. The incident, concealed for fear of a communal backlash, came to light with the local residents approaching the Rajasthan Waqf Board here. The Waqf Board records the mosque as "Masjid Sawai Bhoj"' which was in use till 1956 and abandoned thereafter apparently because of thin population of Muslims in the vicinity. The trouble began during the three-day "urs" celebrations and took a violent turn when a mob objected to the raising of tents near the dargah for organizing qawwalis (devotional songs). The mob later razed the mosque. A marble platform was hurriedly built at the site and an idol installed with the temple named "Mandir Peer Pachhar Hanuman Ji" ("Temple of Lord Hanuman Who Defeated Peer -- the Muslim saint buried in the dargah).

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