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Anti-Muslim Groups Unite Through Internet
on 2001/6/4 9:47:02 ( 1014 reads )


NEW YORK, U.S.A., June 2, 2001: A web site run by militant Hindus in Queens and Long Island was recently shut down by its service provider because of complaints that it advocated hatred and violence toward Muslims. But a few days later, the site was back on the Internet. The unlikely rescuers were some radical Jews in Brooklyn who are under investigation for possible ties to anti-Arab terrorist organizations in Israel. The unusual alliance brings together two extreme religious philosophies from different parts of the world, states this report. Living elbow-to-elbow in the ethnic mix of New York, the small groups of Hindus and Jews have discovered friendship. "We are fighting the same war," said Rohit Vyasmaan, who helps run the Hindu Web site,, from his home in Flushing, Queens. "Whether you call them Palestinians, Afghans or Pakistanis, the root of the problem for Hindus and Jews is Islam."

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