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Australian Court Curtails Public Worship in Home
on 2002/1/3 0:47:02 ( 876 reads )


CAMPBELLTOWN, AUSTRALIA, December 27, 2001: For over 10 years Prem and Rama Misra have been worshipping a sacred Hindu icon, a gift from King Birendra of Nepal, in their Australian home. They have been recently ordered by the Land & Environment Court that the small temple on their residence be used solely for private worship. Judge Dennis Cowdroy said, "Private events conducted by the residents of the dwelling would not be prohibited unless they could be characterized as constituting 'public worship' as defined by the High Court of Australia." Mr. Misra feels that the situation has not changed and told Campbelltown council, "It's not a place for public worship. Irrespective of zoning, it's a holy site, and council should work around it to see how that can be recognized." Investigation by council revealed that the dwelling has a prayer and meditation room with over 100 chairs stacked against the wall and that the proposed tennis court is used as a car park.

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