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Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan Targeted for Christian Conversion

on 2001/5/31 9:47:02 ( 1215 reads )


BHUTAN, May 30, 2001: Nestled in the Himalayan Mountains between Tibet, China and India, the tiny nation of Bhutan prides itself as being the only Buddhist kingdom in the world, where a tough stance is taken to keep Christian conversion tactics at bay. The native people, known as Drupka, make up a majority of Bhutan's approximately 600,000 citizens and are among one of 1,981 people groups in the world who, the Christian International Mission Board (IMB) claims, have never heard about Jesus Christ. The IMB is targeting this area which they call "The Last Frontier" during its 15th Day of Prayer and Fasting for World Evangelism. Randy Sprinkle, director of the IMB's International Prayer Strategy Office, hopes to deliver those "mired in Tibetan Buddhism and mixed with mysticism and superstition" and introduce them to the message of salvation through Jesus Christ," said Sprinkle. Bhutan's king has advised his people they would be better off following one religion: Buddhism.

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