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Bush Urged to Suspend Export of Contaminated Corn
on 2001/4/4 9:44:02 ( 964 reads )


WASHINGTON, D.C., April 4, 2001: A joint letter submitted to the US President George Bush president by more than 100 consumer, agriculture and environmental groups from around the world, including seven from India, have urged suspending further export of American corn and corn-products suspected to be unsafe for human consumption. The U.S has to guarantee that they are free of genetically engineered StarLink corn. "The US should not be exporting genetically contaminated food to other countries," said Ricardo Navarro, chairman of the Friends of the Earth International and a resident of El Salvador, "if it is not approved for people to eat in the US." Concerned Indian representatives included the Consumers' Protection Association, Diverse Women for Diversity, Navdanya and National Alliance for Women's Food Rights.

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