Cycle of Motherhood - A Sign of the Times

Date 2001/3/19 8:47:02 | Topic: Hindu Press International


LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, March 18, 2001: Your children have rights too. So expounds this article that delves into the role of woman in the West and how this has affected child-rearing. One hundred fifty years ago, women were expected to marry and bear children. Their primary responsibility was nurturing family members on all levels, as well as keeping everyone centered morally and culturally. Today's so-called modern woman has more choices, a career, marriage, and children. But to what avail? Thinking that they can do it all, women have found that their children are suffering the most. Children are faced with the same problems today as in the past, but with one big difference; they have no refuge, no place where they can be accepted no matter what. Mom is stretched so thin that she is seldom home and when she is home, she is exhausted. On a final note the writer of the article proposes a new social ethos, "Do not choose to have children unless you plan to stay home and take care of them," and "We can't recognize the clues of a troubled soul if we aren't around to see them."

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