Delhi Conference on "Bottom Up" Economic Reform

Date 2001/4/19 9:44:02 | Topic: Hindu Press International


NEW DELHI, INDIA, April 17, 2001: The Centre for the Study of Developing Societies and Manushi, a women's activist magazine, will hold a series of discussions on the theme of "Laws, Liberty and Livelihood Towards a Bottom up Agenda of Economic Reforms" at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, Conference Hall, starting 27th and 28th of April, 2001. The first series will highlight the interface between agriculture, industries dependent on agro-products and policy makers, while the second day focuses on the urban self from the informal sector such as street vendors, rickshaw pullers and garbage recyclers who shall tell of the actual workings of municipal laws, regulations and police powers, and how they impact the lives of the self-employed.

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