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Do Single-Faith Schools Promote Racism in UK?

on 2001/12/13 8:48:02 ( 1303 reads )


UNITED KINGDOM, December 13, 2001: Liberal Democrat David Ward education spokesman in Bradford, one of the towns affected by racial riots earlier this year, has said he would support the abolition of single faith schools. "I believe that prejudice is created when people are kept apart," he said. The idea of having a quota system for minority pupils proposed in one of the official reports on the summer's disturbances was impractical because it would involve "massive bussing" of children across Bradford. He said most Muslim parents did not want separate schools for their children and that those who advocated them tended towards extremism. Director of the London School of Islamics educational trust, Iftikhar Ahmad, argues that "the silent majority" of Muslim parents do want separate schools because multi-culturalism has failed their children. There is one Hindu school in UK.

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