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Germans Slammed For Racial Intolerence

on 2001/7/7 9:49:02 ( 1369 reads )


STRASBOURG, FRANCE, July 4, 2001: The Council of Europe said yesterday it was deeply concerned about racism and anti-semitism in Germany, slamming a broad political atmosphere of intolerance and apathy toward racist attacks in the country. Its latest report on racism and intolerance notes that the causes of racist attacks include open and latent racism and anti-semitism and a generally apathetic attitude towards such attacks. The Council's European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) identified racism in housing, education and employment and expressed concern over asylum seekers being deported to countries where they risked human-rights violations. More generally, there was concern about a culture of intolerance. A Hindu father in Germany wrote to Hindu Press International a few days ago to say that the local authorities refused to register the Hindu name of his new-born daughter, stating that it was the "law" that she had to have a German given name. Any readers of HPI familiar with Germany law in this regard are requested to contact

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