Hinduism Today Requests Suggestions for its Kumbha Mela Coverage

Date 2013/1/16 4:21:53 | Topic: Hindu Press International

KAUAI, HAWAII, January 15, 2013: Hinduism Today's reporting team, journalist Rajiv Malik and photographer Thomas Kelly, will arrive at the Kumbha Mela January 28th and stay through February 12th.

We would appreciate suggestions of noted swamis and sadhus to meet and interview so that we may give an expanded coverage to this great event. There are hundreds of thousands of sadhus present, and even with all of Hinduism Today's contacts, we know only a relatively small percentage of them.

You may email your suggestions to ar@hindu.org, given the name of the saint you think they should meet and interview and how to contact that person in the midst of the Mela.

An additional need for our team is transport around the Mela grounds when we are there, and any suggestions in this regard would also be welcome.

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