Hindus In UK Call For Disclosure Of Meat Sources

Date 2013/3/16 4:06:36 | Topic: Hindu Press International


UNITED KINGDOM, March 10, 2013 (India Today): Hindu groups based in the UK have called on the government to enforce stricter disclosure norms after it emerged that many restaurants serving Indian food in Scotland were using the wrong kind of meat. In the wake of the Europe-wide horse meat scandal that is still under investigation, it emerged that more than a third of Scottish curry restaurants could be using cheaper meat such as beef in dishes that claimed to be lamb.

"The issue does raise religious concerns as some Hindus who may eat meat would prefer not to consume beef as cows are considered sacred in our religion," said Anil Bhanot, managing director of Hindu Council UK. "Hindus are predominantly vegetarian but our estimates are that two-thirds of Hindus based in the UK are meat eaters and it is important they know what is being served to them. "The government must require strict tests on the food industry so that there is proper disclosure of the source of the meat being sold and served to us. And, the results of these tests must be made public and transparent so we can make an informed choice," he added. A spokesperson for the Hindu Temple of Scotland in Glasgow also highlighted it as a nationwide "concern". "However, 90 per cent of Hindus who are part of this temple tend to be vegetarians," he added.

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