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Hindus Unite to Form Sangam in Texas

on 2001/8/13 9:44:02 ( 1376 reads )


HOUSTON, TEXAS, August 4, 2001: At a gathering of over 1,000 Hindus, Hindu Dharma and culture were advocated by the formation of the "Hindu Sangam." Representatives from Chinmaya Mission Houston and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh were speakers at the inauguration. Coordinator of the RSS activities, Shankarrao Tattvavadi, expounded on several points. His remarks included the fact that Hindu culture is spreading, with over one million Hindus in the U.K. and Malaysia and 1.8 million in the U.S. He further added, "To live as a Hindu, each one should follow the duty or dharma, which includes daily study of the scriptures and to pass on the essence of scriptures to others." K.S. Sudarshan, president of the RSS spoke positively about, "All of us are individuals with some good qualities and use them for the welfare of the whole universe and this philosophy needs the backing of a strong society. Hindus have inherited the great principle of dharma. We must come together to form a strong Hindu society."

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