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Indian Government Contributes Funds to Temples

on 2001/6/10 9:49:02 ( 1319 reads )

Source: The Hindu

THANJAVUR, INDIA, June 5, 2001: Low-income temples in India are at long last receiving help from the government. Each qualifying temple will receive US$357 and contribute an additional $53 from their own coffers. Priests of the each of nearly 2,000 temples will conduct a grand "Kala Puja" that will generate shakti to attract devotees and additional funds for upkeep. As as result, it is hoped the temples will be able to get back on their feet. Temples who are struggling to come up with the $53 will be waived this amount and given the full $425 by the government. The new Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Ms. J. Jaylalitha, has announced that an additional 250-500 temples in Adi Dravida colonies are being renovated with $532 being allotted for each temple.

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