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Is Hindu Dharma Good And Hindutva Bad?
on 2014/3/11 4:50:00 ( 1357 reads )


U.S., February 25, 2014 (Maria Wirth Blog): Is Hindutva really different from Hindu Dharma and dangerous? Or have those, which coined the term, an interest in making it look like that? No doubt, Hindutva has a bad name in the eyes of many, in spite of the ruling of the Supreme Court in 1995: "Hindutva is indicative more of the way of life of the Indian people. ...Considering Hindutva as hostile, inimical, or intolerant of other faiths, or as communal proceeds from an improper appreciation of its true meaning." I would like to explain from a personal angle, why I came to the conclusion that it is indeed 'an improper appreciation of its true meaning,' when Hindutva is branded as communal and dangerous.

For the full discussion, see 'source' above.

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