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Jammu Temple Management Demands Changes

on 2001/12/12 8:48:02 ( 1195 reads )

Source: Kashmir Times

JAMMU, INDIA, December 8, 2001: An emergency meeting of Bua Datti Temple committee was held at the temple complex after the conclusion of the annual festival. According to a report from the meeting, surprise was expressed at the behavior of government administrative personnel deployed at the gate of secretariat who unnecessarily harassed the management and devotees entering the temple complex. Sat Pal Saini, president of the management committee of Bua Datti temple, complained to the general council about the negative attitudes of the Jammu and Kashmir government towards the problem faced by the temple committee in performing their day-to-day functions. The temple management committee demanded a separate entrance to the temple and the removal of toilets on the roof of the temple. They also requested the temple canteen be handed over to them and that the preparation of meat in the canteen stop immediately. Sat Pal Saini also informed the devotees that land belonging to the temple is being illegally occupied by the government.

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