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MacDonalds Tries to Make Amends
on 2001/5/25 1:47:02 ( 882 reads )

Source: CNN

NEW YORK, May 24, 2001: The words "we apologize" and "we regret" are to be noted in a public apology MacDonalds posted on the company's U.S. web site. After a recent lawsuit by Hindu lawyer Harish Bharti, the fast-food chain has attempted to make amends. Vegetarian Hindus around the world were offended to find out that the so-called natural flavoring listed as an ingredient was indeed a beef flavoring added to the French fries at the MacDonald's potato processing plants. To add to the deception, the company advertised extensively that their French fries were cooked in vegetable oil. It would be natural to assume that the fries contained no animal products. In their own defense, the company stated it is not required by the U.S. FDA to reveal the use of beef flavoring.

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