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Meat Banned at Gujarat Government Rest Houses

on 2001/4/20 9:46:02 ( 1718 reads )

Source: The Hindustan Times

GANDHI NAGAR, INDIA, April 19, 2001: In a debatable decision, Chief Minister Keshubhai Patel has banned for a year serving of non-vegetarian food in the government premises like circuit houses and rest houses. The controversial decision is actually of no consequence as the circuit houses in Gujarat in any case do not cook any nonvegetarian stuff in view of the state's sizeable Jain population and also a large number of Swaminarayan sect followers who also preach vegetarianism. The chief minister has personally issued this order in view of the 2,600th birth anniversary celebrations of Lord Mahavira. The order is being viewed as his way of wooing the politically and financially influential Jain community.

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