Militants Extort Missionaries

Date 2001/5/21 9:48:02 | Topic: Hindu Press International

Source: The Hindu

GUWAHATI, INDIA, May 19, 2001: Authorities revealed today that militant groups in Manipur have served huge extortion notices to educational institutions run by Christian missionaries. The announcement was made after militants killed three missionaries during a quarrel over extortion near Imphal. Father Jonas Kerketta said the militants entered the seminary premises and demanded money from the three priests at gunpoint before shooting them at close range. He has accused the Revolutionary People Front (RPF) of Manipur, an organization dedicated to driving India from Manipur, of serving the extortion notices which bore the letterheads of the organization. Father Jonas told reporters that each extortion notice ranged between US$10,800 and $54,300. At least 1,000 Christian missionary-run schools across the northeast remained closed on Friday in protest against the killings.

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