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Muslim Terrorists Who Attacked Hindu Temple Convicted in Malaysia
on 2002/1/4 0:48:02 ( 778 reads )

Source: Reuters

KUALA LUMPAR, MALAYSIA, December 28, 2001: Convicting three men to death from a Muslim sect called the Al-Ma'unah and pronouncing a life sentence on 16 other members of the movement, a Malaysian court is trying to stop the self-declared jihad (holy war) in its country. In a stable country where ethnic Chinese and Indians also comprise part of the culture, Judge Zulkefli focused on the intent of the Muslim sect to form an Islamic state by pursuing an Islamic jihad. In the year 2001, the Muslim sect attacked a Hindu temple, a power company's electric tower, breweries, and an army base in Northern Malaysia where both a policeman and soldier were killed when the gang attempted to steal arms and ammunition.

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