NGO To Help Poor Students Pursue Vocational Training

Date 2013/3/3 4:17:43 | Topic: Hindu Press International


DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA, February 19, 2013 (IPPmedia): The Shree Maha Dharm Bhakt Mandal Youth (SMDBM-YOUTH) is out to help the country's students who fail to continue with their vocational training studies due to poverty. Speaking in Dar es Salaam yesterday after completing a peace and solidarity walk, Rajesh Mistry chairperson of the SMDBM-YOUTH said that poverty hinders many to realize their destiny. "Apart from helping us to maintain our identity, heritage, culture and religion, SMDBM-YOUTH is also meant to realize the role we can play in education advancement...poverty loses our youngsters' future...we want to help them," he said. For his part, the SMDBM-YOUTH Nishit Surelia said: "Shree Ramdevji Maharaj or Ramdev Pir is a Hindu folk-deity of Rajasthan in India who devoted his life to help the exploited and poor people in the society... therefore we want to emulate what he did during his stay on earth....Our donations are from average people all over the world who support the cause, since SMDBM-YOUTH is a non-profit organisation...its members work and contribute voluntarily when needed."

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