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Oil Massage for Infants
on 2001/3/18 8:48:02 ( 1028 reads )

Source: Reuters

DELHI, INDIA, March 1, 2001: Every new mother lovingly wants their infant to sleep well and grow to their potential physically. Dr. K. N. Agarwal recently published an article in the Indian Journal of Medical Research that advocates oil massage to advance these two goals for your child. The oil massage is an ancient practice in India, and detailed in the Ayurveda texts. In a study conducted at the University College of Medical Sciences in Delhi, four groups of infants receiving a 10-minute massage on a daily basis were compared to a control group that did not receive the massage. After four weeks the groups who received oil massages had gained weight, height and increased head, arm and leg circumference. The increases compared to the control group were significant and measurable. With the added boon of contented sleep, babies receiving massage had increased blood flow and levels of growth hormones in their systems.

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