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OMNI Online, a Journal Of Spiritual And Religious Care

on 2001/10/25 8:48:02 ( 1361 reads )


ONTARIO, CANADA, October 19, 2001: The previously published OMNI journal has undergone a change in the form of communication from a printed format to a web site. A product of the Ontario Multifaith Council on Spiritual & Religious Care, OMNI features articles and reports on the latest issues and developments within the practice of chaplaincy ministry in multifaith settings. The Journal provides critical reviews of recent books that pertain to the work of chaplains providing spiritual and religious care. OMNI encourages and supports research on new developments in pastoral practice and education, including innovative models for the training of chaplains, on-call clergy, and volunteers. In a recent article, "An Understanding of Jainism and the Importance of Non-Violence," Prakash Mody, who is the Jain representative on the Ontario Multifaith Council, provides a brief overview of the basic beliefs, values, and symbols of Jainism, together with a statement about the significance of non-violence within Jain belief system.

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