Private Temple Opposed in South Africa

Date 2001/4/21 9:45:02 | Topic: Hindu Press International


DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA, April 16, 2001: Striving to fulfill his religious duty with meditation and prayer, a wealthy South African Indian gentleman has chosen to build a temple on his property exclusively for family use. The plans for the structure were approved by the municipality and construction was well on its way. Fearing that the temple would be disruptive to their quiet neighborhood, Mr. Ishwar Mangaroo's neighbors have filed a petition against the construction. "If the objectors do not understand my culture and my religion, how can they object?" said Mr. Mangaroo in a statement he made to the Sunday Times Extra in Durban. Mr. Mangaroo chose to build his house in an affluent suburb occupied mostly by a white community. His neighbors claim their objections are not based on race but rather on practical considerations.

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