Renovation at Srirangam Temple

Date 2001/3/11 8:47:02 | Topic: Hindu Press International

Source: The Hindu

TIRUCHI, INDIA, March 6, 2001: During a recent renovation, the honored deity of the Srirangam temple has come under close scrutiny by the temple heritage protection committee. Asking for reassurance from the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister that a significant one centimeter image of Sri Vatsa-Lakshmi be restored to its proper place on Lord Ranganatha's chest, the committee has been questioned as to the image's validity. Supported by scriptures, the Lakshmi embossment will take its rightful place on the Lord's chest and the tantric triangle symbol that was mistakenly approved and placed there in the renovation will be removed. Further renovations will be monitored more closely. Temple devotees anxiously await the worship to commence again on March 15th.

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