Temple Inside Assam Rifles Compound Attacked In Mizoram

Date 2013/6/12 4:14:31 | Topic: Hindu Press International


AIZAWL, INDIA, May 23, 2013 (Mizo News): The Assam Rifles temple inside the Assam Rifle Compound in Aizawl was attacked on Thursday morning around 1:30 am with a gelatin bomb. No casualties have been reported in the incident. However, the bomb destroyed 26 glass panes, sources said. As soon as the report reached the police they rushed to the mandir and started an investigation. A forensic expert also examined the incident on the spot. No one has been arrested. Meanwhile, the Mizoram unit of the Congress has strongly condemned the explosion,"If this was the act of some party, that party should be banned," the MPCC said. The Zoram Nationalist Party also strongly condemned the attacked and urged the government to investigate the incident and arrest the culprits. The explosion came on the day when the opposition Mizo National Front (MNF) is organising a rally called 'Milem Biak Duhloh Kawngzawh' or Anti-Idol Worshipping Rally.

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