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The Future of Indian Classical Music is in Good Hands

on 2001/6/11 9:47:02 ( 1285 reads )


KASHMIR, INDIA June 9, 2001: With discipline, fortitude, commitment, and flexibility, a new generation of Indian musicians is emerging. Some, following in the footsteps of famous parents are expected to perform outstandingly, while others under the guidance of devoted gurus have had to work extra hard to chart and make a place for themselves in the music world. Indian classical music is in good hands with Anoushka (Ravi Shankar) playing the sitar, Rakesh Chaurasia (Hari Prasad) playing the flute, and Rabul Sharma (Shiv Kumar) charming audiences with the santoor. All three young artists have performed well in their parents' shadows. Anoushka learned the sitar well from her father. Rakesh Chaurasia has perfected his technique on the flute and plays classical, semi-classical, light or folk music. He also does work for radio and accompaniment in Hindi films. Rabul Sharma has developed a style distinct from his father's lyrical and folksy pieces. Those who have made it on their own while receiving continuous instruction from devoted gurus include Tabla artists Anuradha Pal and sought after Mukundraj Dev who plays the tabla as an accompaniment to vocal, instrumental or dance music. Charming and talented female vocalists such as Asha Parasnis, Devki Pandit and Meeta Pandit have all perfected different classical traditions while Sanjeev Abhyankor, has been a major hit in the concert circuit with his effortless gayaki and pleasant voice.

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