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UK Pupils Breath-tested For Smoking
on 2001/5/21 9:45:02 ( 867 reads )


LONDON, May 21, 2001: Schools across Britain have begun to breath-test students in an effort to weed out those who are smoking. Teachers and nurses are using a new portable device, called the Smokerlyzer, to detect even minute traces of cigarette smoke. Children blow into a mouthpiece attached to a plastic box which has lights. The device analyzes carbon monoxide in the breath and indicates if the user smokes. A green light flashes on the device for a non-smoker, a yellow light reveals a moderate smoker and if a red light is triggered, it means the user is a heavy smoker. At present, parents will not be told if their children are found to be smoking, but this policy maybe reviewed. Instead, a "softly-softly" approach is being adopted by headmasters. Children found to be smokers will be lectured on the danger of cigarettes and classes that are found to be "smoker-free" will be rewarded with free passes to leisure clubs and even to cinemas. Teachers said that the shame of being identified as a smoker had led to many of the youngsters giving up cigarettes.

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