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Ultrasound Scans May Cause Brain Changes
on 2001/12/12 8:47:02 ( 910 reads )


SWEDEN, December 9, 2001: Scientists in Sweden have found evidence ultrasound scans may cause brain damage in unborn babies after they found men whose mothers had tests were more likely to be left-handed. They have concluded some male babies' central nervous systems might have been affected by the process, and the increase in left-handedness indicated some kind of compensation for this damage. The study suggested scanning produced an extra 3 left-handed babies per 100 births. The biggest difference was found among those born after 1975 when doctors introduced a second scan later in pregnancy. Such men were 32% more likely to be left-handed than those in the control group. Apart from the increase in left-handedness, the research found no evidence of other changes in the babies' physiology. Prof. Juni Palmgren, of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, told the Sunday Telegraph: "I would urge people not to refuse ultrasound scanning as the risk of brain damage is only a possibility, but this is an interesting finding and needs to be taken seriously." The implications of the study are important to India where ultrasound is regularly used to determine the sex of the unborn child.

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