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VHP of America Condemns Taleban's Destruction of Buddhas

on 2001/3/14 8:46:02 ( 1328 reads )


HOUSTON, TEXAS, March 10, 2001: The Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America issued a press release today strongly condemning the destruction of statues in Afghanistan by the Talibans. The release says, "It is an act of savagery finding parallels only in the vandalism forced by tyrants and barbarians of the past, fortunately not so prevalent in modern times since the times of Nazis. But such intolerant bigoted acts of Talibans have made our expectation of peaceful coexistence of different religions by respecting the pluralism somewhat short-lived. It has awakened all of us to the new ground realities of ever-lurking threat to humanity at large and the precarious gap between savagery and civility if left unchecked. Destruction of the statues of Lord Buddha in Bamiyan is an attack on the diversity inherent in nature. Today statues are being destroyed by Talibans; who knows what is going to be their next target?"

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