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Date 2001/3/14 8:47:02 | Topic: Hindu Press International


KOLKATA, INDIA, March 13, 2001: This website by Subhas Chakraborty is an authoritative source of information on attacks and harassment of Hindus in Bangladesh. Says the editor, "The staunch bias against minorities (including Buddhists, Hindus and Christians) is evident in all walks of life in Bangladesh. Certain sections in Bangladeshi society want to insure that this bias remains intact and expands to all sections of Muslim society in that country. It is no wonder that oppression and repression of the Hindus and other minorities in that country continue without any break. We have since received details of some recent incidents of attacks on minorities in Bangladesh from our local representatives there. Twenty-two such cases are documented in our reports."

This article comes from Hinduism Today Magazine

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