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What's Life Without Spice?? Kerala's Campaign for Cardamom

on 2001/10/6 9:47:02 ( 1187 reads )


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, INDIA, October 1, 2001: With a view to avoid any adverse impact of the terrorist attack on the United States and a possible counter attack, the Spices Board, under the Government of India, has embarked on a massive promotion campaign for cardamom, especially in the Gulf countries. Gulf countries are a major market for Indian cardamom. The nutritive and medicinal value of Indian cardamom and the Indian variety's aroma is also coveted. The need is to cash in on the encouraging trend in the Gulf market calls for aggressive promotion efforts to enlarge the market scope. The growing quality consciousness in the Gulf was expected to be complementary to the spices board's promotional efforts.

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