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Magazine Web Edition > July/August/September 2009 > Feature Story: Siva's Sanctuary in Tropical Hawaii
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A Place of Pilgrimage Today

While Iraivan Temple's consecration ceremony is a few years away, even today, many families make this holy spot the destination of their pilgrimage, with the goal of worshiping in Kadavul Hindu Temple. This powerful sanctuary, founded in 1973, is a fire temple, said to burn karmas, enshrining a 6-foot-tall bronze, Lord Nataraja Deity. There, surrounded by 108 golden dancing Sivas, pujas are held every day at 9am. Pilgrims can be seen walking the monastery's peaceful grounds, meditating by the river or worshiping at the site of the svayambhu Lingam.

Visiting pilgrims ask, "When will the temple will be completed?" As the monks like to say, there are no deadlines--the temple will be completed when all the money is raised. At the current rate of progress, the temple will be consecrated and opened for worship around 2017.

Speaking from the intuitive state of awareness he called the "inner sky," Gurudeva expounded his heart's vision for the temple: "Iraivan Temple, with Lord Siva facing south, is a moksha temple. This means that being in the presence of its sanctum sanctorum brings the pilgrim closer to freedom from rebirth on this planet. The vibration of the temple wipes away the dross of the subconscious vasanas and simultaneously heals the wounds of psychic surgery. It takes away encumbrances and releases the pristine beauty of the soul. As pilgrims leave the San Marga Sanctuary, they carry away with them a new self-image and a clearer understanding of the purpose of life on planet Earth. Here, Hindus find the center of themselves."

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