Hinduism Today needs high resolution image of Akka Mahadevi
for an article on her life and poems.

See: http://www.hinduismtoday.com/akkamahadevi/

NOTE: Please do not simply take low resolution images and blow them up in Photoshop. We need originals taken at at least 1024 px wide (1.5MB files)

Statue (below) of Akka Mahadevi at her birthplace in Udathadi (Udatadi/Udugani), Shimoga district, Karnataka, India

The only available versions on the internet are not sufficiently high resolution to serve for print purposes. Plus the composition of the photo of this statue is quite poor. We need one of the statue facing the camera directly if possible.

Painting of Akka Mahadevi at Assembly with Allama Prabhu (below)

We need a good quality shot of this painting (1.5MB in size) if at all possible. Akkamahadevi is just making a speech at the assembly of Veerasaiva devotees presided over by Allama Prabhu

Painting of Akka Mahadevi in Dhyanam (below)

We have some very small low-resolution shots of Akka Mahadevi doing dhyanam. If anyone has high resolution shots of these posters, we might use them in the article

Please send images to letters@hindu.org. Thank you for your help.