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A Spanish Dancer's Triumph in India

on 2019/1/9 10:06:39 ( 759 reads )


SPAIN, January 9, 2019 (El Periodico Mediterraneo, translated from Spanish): A Castellon resident settled for four years in Benicassim, Miriam Arias, has triumphed in India with her particular dance, a fusion of flamenco and kathak, one of the nine classical dances of that country. The dancer participated in the prestigious Visakha Utsav festival, which was celebrated, as every year end, on the beach in the coastal city of Visakhapatnam, in the south of India. And she showed her art to the 35,000 attendees who came to the event, from different parts of India, who enjoyed the different performances of artists of great renown.

Flamenco took special prominence in the billboard of the event, along with the usual Bollywood performances and typical rhythms there, with prestigious singers and musicians. Arias danced a duet, showing her Andalusian flamenco soul next to Hemant Devara dancing kathak, which fascinated the audience. Arias travels to India regularly for work reasons. Her passion for dancing aroused her curiosity to know the origins of flamenco (traced to the Roma or Gypsies of Europe who originated in India), which she has been practicing since she was three years old.

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