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Alleged Encroachment of Trincomalee Hindu Temple Lands

on 2003/7/8 2:48:02 ( 1609 reads )


TRINCOMALEE, SRI LANKA, July 01, 2003: The Trincomalee District Young Men Hindu Association (TDYMHA) brought to the notice of the Hindu Religious Affairs Minister of Sri Lanka, Mr. T. Maheswaran, that lands belonging to several Hindu temples in the Trincomalee district are being unlawfully occupied by the Singhalese, thus depriving the income from the lands to these temples. Mr. Sivapathasundaram says, "Peace will not come to Madathady area in Trincomalee, even though peace prevails elsewhere in the island, due to this encroachment of Hindu temple lands." He requested the minister to take immediate steps to declare the historic Koneswaram temple a sacred area. About four thousand Hindu temples and religious institutions were completely destroyed or damaged in the war in Sri Lanka. The Hindu Religious Affairs Ministry is taking steps to reconstruct the temple and uplift the standards of Hindus.

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