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Amrita Television To Go On Air Soon

on 2005/4/9 2:48:02 ( 1490 reads )


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, INDIA, April 8, 2005: The list of Malayalam television channels will grow to seven with the launch of Amrita Television on April 14. The channel, which would also be available to viewers in India, Middle East, North America, Australia and Japan, is promoted by Amrita Enterprises. The total cost of the channel amounting to US$5.4 million will reportedly be contributed by thousands of shareholders owing allegiance to Mata Amritanandamayi, called Amma by her devotees. "Though the channel will be guided by Amma's values, neither Amma nor her ashram would have any role in the day-to-day running of the channel," the channel's chief general manager Sudhakar Jayaram told reporters here recently. "Our main thrust would be to promote value-oriented and socially responsible programs with emphasis on news and current affairs. Programs on Amma would certainly be there," said Shyama Prasad, national award winning filmmaker who is program president.

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