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Buddhist Sculptures Worshipped in Siva temples in Andhra Pradesh district

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ANDHRA PRADESH, INDIA, May 4, 2013 (The Hindu): Remains of Buddhist sculptures are still being worshipped as Lord Siva in all the major temples within the radius of 10 km of Nidumolu village in Movva mandal of Krishna District. These are the places where Buddhism once flourished during 1st and 2nd Century ce and its remains are still available on the premises of as many as 11 temples till today and are being conserved by the locals.

The Buddhist sculptures under the control of locals are pillars, bricks and half-lotus medallions standing witness to the emergence of different stages of Buddhism.

"Worshipping Ayaka Pillar or Ayaka Mantapa, made of Dachepalli green stone, as Lord Siva Linga is a common feature in these 11 Siva temples," Krishna district-based historian Mohammed Silar told The Hindu.

The temples at Ghantasala, Pamarrru, Pedamuddali, Mantena, Manzuluru, Kruthivennu, China Muttevi, Mallavolu, Pedakallepalli and Nidumolu are now flourishing as famous Siva temples in Krishna district.

An Ayaka Pillar worshipped as Lord Siva accompanied by two half-lotus medallions at Pedakallepalli is mute witness to how Hindu temples were built on the Buddhist sites.

Considering the two half-lotus medallions as Satya Pillars, the villagers confess their sins before them.

Sri Sanni Siddheswara temple of Nidumolu, 16-km away from Machilipatnam, remains a classical example of how temples were built on Buddhist sites (HPI note: following the decline of Buddhism in South India).

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