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Christian Missionaries Abuse Hinduism Inside Temple

on 2019/6/4 13:10:23 ( 1104 reads )


INDIA, June 3, 2019 (Swarajyamag): The incidents displaying stark Hinduphobia of Christian missionaries continue to surface. Video clips have been doing rounds on social media showing evangelists unabashedly entering Hindu temples and ridiculing Hinduism, going as far as calling Hindu Deities "Satan" in front of the devotees. In another video, Christian missionaries try to enter Nanganallur Hanuman temple, ridiculing the Deities. In both the clips, locals are seeing confronting the evangelists. In a similar video clip surfaced recently, a Christian missionary was seen climbing up to the Adiyogi statue in Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, and screaming, "Neither Yoga, nor Yogi can liberate you from sins, only Jesus can."

These incidents are a few in a long history of attacks on Hinduism by Christian evangelists. The Church also holds significant money and political power in India. While Christians are officially only 2.3 per cent of the Indian population, the church owns and runs around 20,000 educational institutions in India, second only to the union government. It also runs over 5,000 healthcare facilities, thousands of vocational training centres, and is known to own enormous amounts of property. Alumni of Church-run institutions hold high positions in government, private sector as well as non-governmental organisations, giving it unique lobbying power.

The short video clips can be viewed at "source" above.

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