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Hampi World Heritage Site Vandalized by Hooligans, Video Goes Viral

on 2019/2/5 9:54:41 ( 642 reads )


NEW DELHI, INDIA, February 3, 2019 (India Today): After a video showing some youths vandalizing ancient pillars at the world heritage site in Hampi, Karnataka, went viral on the social media on Friday, police said they have sped up the investigation and will soon arrest the guilty. Superintendent of Police, Bellary, Arun Rangarajan said the accused will be arrested and prosecuted soon. On Friday, some youths were seen vandalizing the pillars at the historic site in Hampi. In the video, one can see the youth pushing the pillars and overturning them. The pillar, part of a valuable ancient structure, tilts and falls before breaking into pieces. The site in Hampi has been declared a World Heritage by the Unesco.

The relics in Hampi are important as they date back to the prosperous Vijayanagara empire. The empire, founded in the 14th century AD, was one of the most powerful empires of the time in Southern Indian. The village has beautiful structures with immense historical significance. The New York Times had recently declared the heritage site at Hampi as a second must-see place in 2019. The video of the vandalism has triggered outrage. People have expressed concern and anger about the lack of adequate security arrangements at such historic sites. On Saturday, angered over the incident, locals took to the streets and demanded better security at the ancient site in Hampi.

See video:

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