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Indic Academy Announces Ram Swarup-Sitaram Goel Memorial Fund to Promote Research In Indic History, Culture and Religion

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INDIA, December 26, 2018 (Swarajyamag): Commemorating the 20th death anniversary of Hindu thinker and scholar Shri Ram Swarup, Indic Academy today (26 December) announced that it has instituted a Ram Swarup-Sitaram Goel Memorial Fund for promoting Indic research and publication. Shri Ram Swarup and Shri Sitaram Goel are both towering intellectuals and widely regarded as the pioneers in Indic history research and politics in the post-Independence time frame. The memorial fund, established with an initial corpus of approx. US$28,600 is aimed at the propagation, research and publication of studies in different areas of Indic history, culture and religion as earlier carried out by these stalwarts.

Shri Ram Swarup is considered as an important thought leader for the Hindu revivalist movement having published books on his in-depth studies through his publication house Voice of India. Voice of India was instrumental in publishing many well-researched studies which were against the prevailing narrative of the time. Sitaram Goel, best-known for his book "How I Became a Hindu", was a pioneering political and religious activist who wrote extensively on the damage to Indic culture and Hinduism wrought by the expansionist nature of Islam and missionary activities of Christianity.

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