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Land of temples in Kalahandi on Path of Recovery

on 2017/7/28 13:36:12 ( 1806 reads )


BHAWANIPATNA, INDIA, July 28, 2017 (New Indian Express): For the land grabbers, the immovable properties of Deities are easy target. Fifteen temples of Kalahandi Group of Temples, managed by Odisha Hindu Religious Endowment, bear testimony to years of neglect and becoming victims of encroachment. Now there is an attempt by the Group to recover the immovable properties of Deities and renovate the temples, which need attention. This has raised new hope.

Most of these temples were constructed during the 19th Century by the then kings of Kalahandi. In the seventies, the former King handed over these temples to the Government along with 1,500 acres of land and valuables of the Deities for the management and maintenance of the temples and also for performance of rituals. Despite having the potential of adequate returns, the situation remained grim. Now, for the last one year, a campaign has been launched by the management of the Group of Temples to recover the grabbed lands by initiating an eviction process and increase the revenue. There are also plans to renovate these structures, many of which are in dilapidated condition.

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