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Mumbai's Famed Siddhivinayak Temple Shuts Doors in Response to Coronavirus Threat

on 2020/3/17 12:26:39 ( 237 reads )


MUMBAI, INDIA, March 17, 2020 (Indian Spice): The Mumbai temple trust committee has decided to shut down access to the legendary Siddhivinayak temple, which is hugely popular among Hindu devotees. The move to close the temple to the public comes in the wake of continued gathering of large crowds at the shrine despite the Maharashtra government asking people to avoid public places to mitigate the spread of novel coronavirus. The Siddhivinayak temple, located in central Mumbai, was still attracting huge crowds. Now, the trust has decided to shut the doors of the temple at 7 pm on Monday. The temple will remain closed till the situation arising from the coronavirus outbreak improves. The daily worship conducted by the priests will continue uninterrupted.

Aadesh Bandekar, the chairman of the trust managing the Siddhivinayak temple said, "Our committee has decided to shut down the temple as a precautionary measure due to coronavirus until further information is received on the issue." Bandekar, however, assured that the medical health centre of the temple would remain open. Those who need money for medical treatment can approach and get relief from the health center, he said.

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c p kumaresan
Published: 2020/3/22 22:18  
 Om Saravanabava
Om Namasivaaya! Siva Siva Sivavasi Oam!
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